How to Select a Plumber 

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Finding the right plumber can be a daunting task, however it doesn't have to be rocket science. The most important thing is to find the right plumber to address your needs. To make sure your plumber is qualified and can deliver what you need, here are 9 Tips to consider.

1. Experience

Does the plumber have the work experience for the work that is required? Some plumbers actually have limited experience in the field of work they are asked to do, and only basic knowledge of plumbing. These plumbers may have a number of suggestions that seem wise on the surface, but have few practical solutions on how to help you achieve your plumbing needs.  With over 20 years in the industry you can feel confident that Erik has the experience that makes a difference. 

2. Credentials

Choose a plumber who belongs to trade a organization like the Local Plumbers and Pipefitters 32 - Seattle.  This affiliation is a sign of formal training and adherence to general standards of professionalism. 
Erik is currently a member of this organization.

3. Credibility

Select a plumber who has a solid reputation in the industry. Erik recommends selecting a plumber who is 100% committed to his craft.

4. Testimonials

Request that the plumber provide you with references from past clients. If he or she declines, or if you're offered just one or two, this could be a point of concern. Do some research and see if you find any comments about the plumber you are looking to hire.  (See Erik's Reviews on Facebook, Yelp and Angies List )

5. Methods

Some plumbers insist that you use only the fixtures they provide. While others will agree to meet with you at a local hardware store and some only work with you by phone or by email. Make sure the plumber you're considering will at least discuss your needs and possible solutions to your plumbing issue. Erik believes no one knows what you want more than you. Most of all he will listen to your needs carefully to find a solution that works. 

6. Goals

Most plumbers should be able to help you find solutions to your plumbing and fixture needs. However, before meeting with anyone, take some time to determine your plumbing needs and make a list of things you wish to address. When you do meet with your plumber, inquire as to when you can expect to see results, and what those results might look like. If your plumber is unable to give you answers that make sense, it's as if he or she is asking you to drive without directions.   

7. Consultation

Your first meeting is vital in establishing the extent to which your plumber and you are compatible. Don't forget, this is an individual with whom you will be inviting into your home of business. Erik believes you should make sure you make the most of the initial consultation and tell the plumber exactly what you want and need, but also bear in mind that the first consultation should be free. Beware of anyone who charges for an initial consultation. Erik will do only the work you agree to be done. He will also share a punch list of details and recommended actions with you.

8. Erik's Guarantee

Inquire as to what sort of guarantee or warranty the plumber provides. Most warranty their work for up to 1 year and 30 days of the contract date. While there are many factors in selecting and securing the right plumber, you are paying for a service and should end up satisfied. Satisfaction is Erik's guarantee to you.  

9. Rates and Fees

Plumbing rates can vary substantially with plumbers and contractors.  Make sure you understand how much you will be paying and what services you'll receive for that rate.  When you work with Erik D Plumber, he will provide you a written estimate for the plumbing service he will provide. Ensuring the job is done right and exactly the way you want it.